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Time Link crystals describe a special kind of quartz crystal that contains a seventh face that is just below the six main faces of the termination. This special face is in the shape of a parallelogram, which is similar to a rectangle turned at an angle.

We are providing this page for information. We have just a few Time Link crystals, and they show up randomly. So we are not offering these for sale - we just wanted to share about them!

Here is a picture of a large smoky quartz crystal with a Time Link. This Time Link face is very easy to see because I was able to get the light just right to reflect off of the parallelogram.

In her excellent book that is called The Crystalline Transmission, Katrina Raphaell states that "Time Link crystals are like bridges that the soul can travel upon in order to consciously connect with aspects of the self existing in other times and places." We can use them to look at life out of linear sequence, freed from the illusion of three dimensional reality. You can tune into aspects of yourself in the past and in the future. You can transmit healing energy to your past, or access your future talents and knowledge to bring them here to aid the present.

Some Time Link crystals connect us to the past. These are the ones that have the parallelogram sloping to the left, when we look at the crystal - like this \\. The ones that link us to the future have the special face sloping to the right when we look at the crystal - like this //. Some crystals have one of each kind of Time Link, working in multi-dimensional realities and all along the time continuum.

Katrina also writes that "Up until this point in time, it has not been possible to integrate and assimilate all of the fragmented aspects of our beings. But now, as we complete this great time cycle, and with the aid of the Time Link Crystals, parts of us that have been frozen in time through trauma, pain, and misunderstanding can be freed. As we learn to relate to time in a way that includes the concept of the immortal soul, we can link all aspects of ourselves in other incarnations into the wholeness of the eternal moment. That is the purpose that the Time Link Crystals have come to serve."

For many years, I have had Time Link crystals as friends and helpers. Now that we are all struggling to make sense of the tragic events of September 11th, I knew that it was perfect timing when I met a man who had many Time Links and did not even know it. He said that geologists refer to these crystals with parallelograms as having "handedness", and that he had gotten more of this kind of crystal in this box he offered me than he had ever seen in one place. I knew that this was no accident, as there are many of us pondering both the past and future events that are connected to the deaths of thousands of Americans as well as citizens of other countries.

The following one has a big Time Link to the past.

We also want to show you an Isis crystal. Here is a picture of an Isis crystal. The 5-sided Isis face configuration has been outlined in black in Photoshop only - these lines are not on the real crystal!

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