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Singing Rainbow Quartz Crystal Bowl with Angel Trumpet

Welcome to Singing Rainbow Crystal Bowls - a sound place to buy quartz crystal healing, chakra balancing, sound therapy singing bowls and Tibetan singing bowls!

Here is a magical, crystal healing, music therapy instrument that anyone can play with no lessons! There are two basic kinds of singing bowls - the traditional Tibetan singing bowls which are made of a combination of metals, and pure quartz crystal singing bowls. Both kinds of singing bowls produce an enchanting, peaceful sound therapy as you circle the rim with a special suede mallet. Available in many sizes and price ranges, chakra balancing singing bowls quickly capture the attention of all who hear them.
Singing Rainbow Crystal Bowl and Hibiscus
You can play them at any time for just a few minutes and create a sacred space that restores and revitalizes you, gives you a sound healing inner massage, nurtures your insight and intuition, and provides a point of focus that quiets the mental chatter. You do not need to consciously be aware of chakra balancing or crystal healing. It just happens, as your whole being moves more into relaxation and the meditation music. You can ride the sound waves of the crystal singing bowl or Tibetan bowl to a beautiful place that you love, where you are aligned with the best that you are. A singing bowl helps you quickly reach this tranquil place. This is our definition of sound therapy - sort of like meditation in a bottle - or in this case, a bowl!

And a singing bowl is so easy to play. We include detailed instructions on mallet position, pressure, and correct speed to circle the singing bowl. This way, you get a terrific sound right away and you are on your way to creating beautiful meditation music and crystal healing. A singing bowl is easy to play, but its sound therapy has profound effects. We live in a world that is literally created, held together, and changed by vibration, by frequency, by harmonic wave patterns - SOUND!

Use quartz crystal and Tibetan singing bowls to enhance meditation, intuition, relaxation and bodywork. They are powerful for music therapy, chakra system balancing, emotional release and clearing of people and places. Singing bowls enliven ceremony, celebration and ritual, as well as provide the perfect vibration for working in nature with the Earth.

Everyone can benefit from crystal healing singing bowls. Most of us have only a small amount of pure, clear, healing sound in our lives. Our ears no longer get a daily exposure to running streams, bird songs, and the rustling leaves in the forest. We are too often inside, with this beautiful natural music replaced by the hum of computers, the whoosh of the air conditioner, and the high-pitched whine of fluorescent lights. This is the opposite of healing sound! We grow accustomed to tuning out these noises, along with construction, traffic, crowds, and commercials, so that they don't intrude into our space. Since we don't have "earlids" to close, we shut the sound out with our minds, which can get to be an unhealthy habit that extends to tuning out beneficial sound, too.

The pure sonic waves that ring from the singing quartz crystal bowls wake up our ability to listen and HEAR. Hearing occurs with more than our ears. Sound is vibration, and that vibration moves throughout our body. With the singing quartz crystal or Tibetan bowls, we FEEL the sound as much as we take it in with our ears. The singing bowls create a totally relaxed and meditative feeling - the ultimate in meditation music!

Singing bowls are wonderful for personal use, and they are also valuable for use in your work. They are used as tools in complementary therapy, holistic healing, and alternative medicine by many massage therapists, acupuncturists, energy healers, counselors of all types, and holistic doctors, dentists and chiropractors. Quartz crystal bowls are used for sound therapy, musical performance, group meditation, and workshop processes. Crystal and Tibetan singing bowls are even finding their way into such traditional settings as churches and business offices. They bring balance and harmony to every place that they are used.

Although many people choose quartz crystal singing bowls to use in their work, most of our bowls are purchased by people buying them just for themselves and their family. The singing quartz crystal provides that "music of the spheres" that all of us need.
Walkabout Singing Crystal Bowls with Handles
We also have quartz crystal Walkabout handle bowls. These are optically clear bowls that are gorgeous to both the eye and ear. The sound just goes on and on and on with angelic overtones. The optically clear WALKABOUT crystal bowls with easy grip handles are in sizes with diameters from 5.75 to 8 inches.

What is remarkable about the Walkabouts and the clear bowls without handles is that they are much deeper in tone for their size than the frosted bowls. For instance, a 7 inch clear crystal bowl in the Note D is as deep a tone as a 14 inch frosted Note D. And yet it is light enough to hold so easily.

The optically clear bowls without handles are available in 6.25 to 8 inches, and sometimes even in 9 and 10 inches.

Each Chakra Note has a different color of tumbled stones inside the handle. Here you are seeing orange for the Sacral Chakra Note D, blue for the Third Eye Chakra Note A, and green for the Heart Chakra Note F.

Crystal singing bowls come in a wide selection of sizes and tones, which create different effects. Please go to our page called Choosing Your Crystal Bowls to get a lot of information about this.
Even cats enjoy playing Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls
Celeste is challenged by holding a striker, so she thinks just tapping with a paw is better.

We specialize in crystal healing, music therapy sets of quartz crystal singing bowls at discount prices. The ultimate meditation music!